Learn How to Brew the Best Turkish Coffee

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Turkish coffee is already the pinnacle of coffee-brewing techniques. Therefore, the best Turkish coffee can only be made by improving the existing recipes for Turkish coffee, spending more time on each individual step.

To Make the Best Turkish Coffee

The finest quality of ingredients leads to the finest quality of end products. By buying top-quality coffee beans and making sure that their ground consistency is approximately that of powdered sugar, the quality of the Turkish coffee already begins to improve. Purifying the water also increases the quality because there are no impurities to cloud the taste. Using only a wide-bottomed, narrow-necked metal pot and a metal spoon will also prevent contamination from inferior products.

Brewing the Best Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee requires patience for the most meager of brews. To make the best Turkish coffee, extra time must be spent on all of the steps to ensure that no mistakes or rushing occurs. First, fill the pot with clean, pure water, then top it with powder-fine coffee grounds, at approximately one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. This will ensure a proper infusion of flavor. Place the pot on the stove at very low heat, or alternately in hot sand, depending on preferences.

Then, as the water slowly heats, gently stir the mixture to begin extracting the flavor from the coffee grounds as the coffee brews. Once the coffee is gently steaming and has foamed up nearly to the top of the pot, remove it from the heat. If it boils, the chance of making the best Turkish coffee is gone from the pot. Gently scoop the foam out of the pot, and either place it in the coffee cups or throw it away, whichever suits your tastes. When the foam is gone, carefully pour the coffee into the cups. If the foam was retained, it will now be floating to the top. Let the coffee sit for several minutes, or the grounds will still be swirling in the cup.

Variations on the Best Turkish Coffee

If the Turkish coffee is desired to be stronger, it must be treated with the utmost care and caution to prevent mishaps. Once it has foamed and is steaming, take it off the heat and gently tap the side of the pot to reduce the amount of foam. Then, place it back on the heat and carefully watch for foaming and steaming. This can be done a maximum of two times to prevent burning the coffee.

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Each successive time has more risk. Also, at the beginning of the entire process, when the water and the coffee are first mixed, a small amount of sugar can be added to sweeten the final product, but sweetening brings with it the risk of burned sugar. Finely-ground spices can be sprinkled on top of the full cup just before serving to add variety.

Turkish coffee is finicky at the best of time, and improving an already difficult recipe can be nearly impossible, but with time, patience, and effort, the best Turkish coffee can be made and enjoyed.

How to Make Turkish Sand Coffee

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Turkish sand coffee is very similar to ordinary Turkish coffee-which is to say, not ordinary at all. It involves using very hot sand to cook or brew the coffee, because the sand offers a more consistent, even heat.

To make Turkish Sand Coffee

Turkish sand coffee requires many of the same tools that regular Turkish coffee requires, namely a pot with a wide base, a narrow mouth, a long handle, and one or two spouts to use in pouring. A metal spoon is needed for stirring, but a filter is not needed. The big difference between Turkish coffee and Turkish sand coffee is that Turkish sand coffee uses a hot bed of sand to heat the coffee. The sand can be heated using any method, as long as the heat is consistent. Once filled with water and coffee grounds, the pots are nestled a couple inches deep into the hot sand.

Making Turkish Sand Coffee

The ingredients in Turkish coffee and Turkish sand coffee are the same-high-quality water, finely-ground high-quality coffee beans, sugar if wanted, and spices with which to sprinkle the foam. To begin, pour the desired amount of water into the pot then float the grounds on top. Place the pot in the sand, slightly submerged for even heat distribution. As the water starts heating, gently stir the mixture so the coffee grounds are evenly distributed throughout the water and there are no lumps. Wait until the mixture is nearly boiling and has foamed, but do not let it boil.

Finishing Turkish Sand coffee

Gently scoop the foam off of the top of the Turkish coffee and either discard it or place it in the serving cups. Once the foam is out of the coffee pot, gently pour the coffee into the cup, taking care of the hot metal. If the foam was in the cup, this should allow it to rise to the surface of the coffee. Let the coffee sit undisturbed for two to three minutes to allow the grounds to settle. Never strain Turkish coffee-it can upset the delicate flavor balance. Once the coffee and the grounds have separated, enjoy the beverage.

Variations of Turkish Sand Coffee

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The strength of the coffee can be adjusted rather easily. Once the coffee has foamed and nearly boiled, by removing it from the sand and tapping the pot against something to force the foam to settle, the pot can be re-heated to near the boiling point two additional times without damage. Sugar can also be added to the water before the coffee grounds if a slightly sweet brew is desired, and finely ground spices can be dusted on the surface of the foam for added flavor.

Turkish sand coffee and Turkish coffee differ only in preparation method and speed. While the evenness and slowness of the preparation of Turkish sand coffee can lend itself to a more smooth, flavorful drink, it can also be more easily overheated and burned because of inattention. In the end, it’s up to the consumer to decide between Turkish sand coffee and Turkish coffee.

How to Make Turkish Coffee at Home

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Turkish coffee is a smooth, sometimes sweetened delight. As one of the oldest coffee types in existence, it’s also one of the coffees that requires to most time, effort and special tools to make at home. It has innumerable varieties, depending on the coffee beans chosen, the decision to include sugar and how much sugar to include, any spices sprinkled on top of the foam, and the care taken when preparing it.

To Make Turkish Coffee at Home

You need a tall, wide-bottomed, narrow-necked pitcher, usually made of metal for its lack of reactions with the coffee. A metal spoon is a necessity, or particles get stuck on the bottom of the pot and begin burning. You will also need something that can be used to finely grind the coffee beans-an ordinary grinder will not work. This item can be omitted if Turkish coffee grounds were purchased in the first place.

Ingredients in Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is basically a type of espresso-it can be sweetened at the beginning of the brewing process, but milk or cream are not typically permitted as additives. The ingredients needed for home-made Turkish coffee are very finely ground high-quality coffee beans, good-quality water-preferably filtered, not tap water- and any additives that might be desired, such as sugar or finely ground spices to dust the foam.

Steps for Home-Made Turkish Coffee

To begin, put the coffee grounds and water into the coffee pot and stir well to break up any lumps. If the coffee needs to be sweetened, add the sugar or honey now. Never use artificial sweeteners. Then, place the pot on a stove set to very low heat, stirring consistently. When the coffee begins to foam, choices have to be made. Turkish coffee can be safely brought to nearly boiling three times without harming the flavor or texture, but the decision to bring it to nearly boiling more than once is a personal choice. If extra cooking is desired, tap the pot gently against the counter several times to force the foam to settle, then place the pot back on the burner.

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When the coffee has cooked enough-never let it boil, the flavor turns flat!-scoop the foam evenly into the cups, then gently pour the coffee in after it. If done properly, the foam will rise to the surface. If done too vigorously, the foam will break into bits and lose its integrity. Let the coffee sit for several minutes to allow the grounds to settle to the bottom of the cups. If desired, now is the time to sprinkle any ground spice upon the foam. Sip and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Turkish coffee is fine, steeped in history, and gloriously hard to make correctly on the first try, but the time, effort, and patience needed to perfect the taste is well worth it. With the right tools, making Turkish coffee at home can be a rewarding experience, full of fun, good tastes, and plentiful rewards.

Top 10 Mistakes Making Turkish Coffee

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Turkish coffee is not well known outside of its native regions-mainly the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. In modern times, the countries where it’s commonly served incorporate the country name into it, so instead of Turkish coffee it can be Moroccan coffee or Serbian coffee. It’s one of the more finely ground coffee types-almost powder-like in its texture- which adds an extra layer of delicacy to the preparation. There are a myriad of different styles and additives that can be enjoyed with the coffee, but there are also a myriad of ways for the brewing process to go wrong.

Minor Mistakes in Making Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is very easy to mess up, especially for beginners. The most common mistake is not using the correct instruments-proper Turkish coffee requires a coffee pot with a wide base, an extremely narrow neck, a long handle and a narrow spout or two four pouring the coffee into small cups. The proper cups-sometimes called demitasses- are also essential. Another common mistake is using too much water or too much coffee, which not only distorts the flavor but also the texture of the coffee.

By far the worst mistake is not grinding the coffee beans into a fine enough powder-the typical grounds that can be bought in a store are too coarse. Filtering the coffee before serving is also a mistake- the grounds are fine enough to sink to the bottom of the cup. Likewise, stirring a cup causes problems because all of the grounds rise up and cloud the coffee, disturbing their settled position on the bottom of the cup.

More Devastating Mistakes in Making Coffee

A very big mistake comes when, during the brewing/cooking process, the coffee is not stirred thoroughly and there are lumps of grounds that are not broken up. This reduces the flavor of the coffee and can lead to one cup getting a large amount of grounds but very little actual coffee. The coffee should be brewed with cold water that is slowly warmed-starting with hot or boiling water can ruin the taste of the coffee, because the grounds are too delicate when they are that finely powdered.

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On a similar note, allowing the Turkish coffee to reach the boiling point will always kill the flavor, rendering it flat and bland. The worst mistake possible after the brewing of the coffee is drinking it immediately after pouring. This doesn’t allow the grounds to settle, and the drinker gets a mouth full of coffee grounds.

When done properly, Turkish coffee is a delight to the palate, smells divine, and is very pleasing to look at. When it is mis-prepared, either through ignorance or rushing, it can be gritty, tasteless, foul-smelling, flat, foamless, and disappointing. The trick is to balance between thoroughness and over-cooking, especially when making only one or two cups, or when choosing to add sugar to the cooking process. Despite the difficulty, Turkish coffee is well-worth the effort, and can be sipped and enjoyed for hours.

What is the best coffee?

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Popularity is one measure, but this is misleading, since most things that are popular are actually a good enough quality but not the best. Take anything, clothes, wine or cars. The most popular product is never the one that is the best quality, it is the one that has a stronger price to brand performance perhaps.

There are also many standards in coffee the two most common as far as quality of the raw bean grading is concerned are the African standard which is to list coffee as Grade 2 (since Grade 1 is not allowed to be exported), and AAA, AA or AB. Unless the coffees have been externally graded this actually means very little.

Grade AA means that in a crop that was the biggest size, and size is not always a good measure for quality even if there is an actress and a Bishop involved. In fact the smallest grade Pea berry normally is a better grade than the AAA grade.

There are however three trustworthy ways to judge a coffee before it is brewed:

The cup of excellence or COE, which is a competition that is run once a year, then the winning coffees can have boasting rights, this however only includes the South American coffee growers at the moment, so it discounts the largest growing area of Equatorial Africa (and home of coffee), there is some inclusion now by African countries are not listed a full members yet.

Micro lot auctioned coffee, 1000 this stuff is very scarce in South Africa, and the coffees are cupped each week, micro lot coffee represents a portion of a growers produced that is represented as the best week of a harvest. Micro lot coffee is always listed as such
The most important is that you judge it yourself. We have a thing that we use called the drink-ability index.

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Once we have finished tasting a coffee we see how fast we consume the rest of a sample, if the sample is drunk quickly then it has a high drink-ability index, if we find that the next days we still have some left then it has a low drink-ability index. Why not try it yourself. You do need to be a big consumer though, we drink between 5 and 20 cups a day depending on the drink-ability of the coffee.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

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The world has advanced a great lot and the best thing about this advancement is the fact that it has a very global reach to it. Almost every entity in the world has been party to this progress and thus the world as a whole has advanced quite a bit. One area which deservers special mention because of its sheer pace of progress and advancement is the home appliances sector.

The home appliances sector has really managed to make a huge impact in the world and today most homes have multiple home appliances which are highly important and integral to the functioning of the home. The kitchen has undergone a massive overhaul in terms of look and equipment. Normal kitchen equipment has been replaced by futuristic appliances which do things just at the press of a button.

Kitchens are no longer places with a cook top and a table with a few chairs but today kitchens are very jazzy places with a stylish décor and with posh chrome and metallic themes. Kitchen appliances have also undergone quite some revolutionary changes and it is not surprising to see hi tech appliances like built in wine towers and built in warming drawers in a lot of homes. Coffee has always been a very important part of human life and coffee is also a very effective social tool. The consumption of coffee has always been high all around the world and almost everyone in the world knows how to make coffee.

However a lot of people are bored and tired of making coffee by hand everyday and today a lot of people are buying fully automatic coffee machines. Fully automatic coffee machines are machines which have a grinder fitted into the interior of the machine. All a person needs to do is to fill water and put the coffee beans into a grinder and then the coffee maker will do the rest. A coffee maker has a preset recipe of coffee programmed into it and every cup of coffee has the exact same amount of coffee and sugar. A fully automated coffee machine is ideal for people who consume large amounts of coffee everyday and want to avoid preparing the coffee each time.

There is a large number of fully automated coffee machines made by various brands available in the market however the coffee machines made by some of the top home appliances brands in the world are obviously a more reliable choice. The latest fully automated coffee machine made by Siemens is really handy and has multiple recipe modes like espresso and cappuccino. These different types of coffees can be obtained by just a touch of a button and this coffee maker is quite easy to use.

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Gaggenau has also come out with its latest fully automated coffee machine and this machine is also turning out to be quite popular in the market. The latest offering from Gaggenau has the option of making multiple cups of coffees at the same time and the user can choose from different cup sizes. This display on this latest machine from Gaggenau is quite easy to understand and the service offered is excellent.

Coffee Machines

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Choosing from among the best coffee machines that are available can be difficult, especially considering all the different options that are out there like the Jura Impressa Xs90 Espresso Machine. It often has to do with a number of different features that may or may not be included on the machines that you are choosing from. Here are some things to consider that will not only help you to purchase a great coffee machine but will have you loving the coffee that is coming out of it.

If your goal is really only to brew a great cup of coffee, you may be able to cut back a little bit on some of the options that are available in some of the higher end machines. There are still some great coffee makers out there and you can purchase them for much less than what you would purchase one of the fully automatic machines that are available. If, on the other hand, it is your goal to brew specialty cups of coffee, espresso and to have a great cup of coffee on demand, there are some excellent machines out there which will help you to do this as well.

Of course, if you get an all-inclusive machine that is going to make you every coffee drink that is available with the push of a button, you are quickly going to find that you are going way over budget. It is a much better idea to choose the features that you are going to be using on a regular basis and to make sure that the machine is also able to handle the drinks that you will be making on occasion. You should also keep in mind that there may be some times whenever other individuals will also be enjoying coffee that is made by this machine, and they may have some unusual request. A versatile machine that will make it easy to brew some of the more basic beverages is going to make for one of the best coffee machines that you can purchase.

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Another thing to consider is the amount of room that you have available. You can buy one of the best coffee machines that is out on the market but it is going to be of little use to you if it clutters your kitchen and is more of an eyesore than anything else. Some of the better companies also offer slimline versions, as well as more compact versions of their better coffee machines. This can help you to get the quality that comes from choosing a machine from one of these companies while at the same time, not overwhelming your kitchen with a large model.

Of course, there are a number of other things to consider whenever choosing from among the best coffee machines that are available. Just keep in mind, a machine that is going to make a great cup of coffee is something that can save you time and money so it is worth looking around at all the options that you have available to you.